Invest In Birch Cliff Urban Towns – Scarborough

Investing in pre-construction project means that a client buys in a unit before the project is actually constructed. Undoubtedly, that needs a specific amount of preparedness, investigation, and considering like an “investor” instead of a “live-in buyer.”You need to know exactly where this neighborhood is going in the coming times, the potential future profits on your investment, and the associations between different project alternatives in your budget limitations.We answer all the questions you have in mind, Birch cliff Urban Towns.

Birch cliff Urban Towns

First, we First, let’s look at the possible benefits of investing early and then know Birch cliff Urban Towns.

Benefits of Pre-Constructions Projects

  • You can customize your design elements like paints or flooring. Also, if you get design phenomenon and market needs, you’ll be ready to guarantee your condo’s worth to potential residents.
  • Price per four-sided footage is perpetually better. Pre-Construction offers ridiculous value when it’s contrasted to other investment alternatives.
  • You have further chance to save up for your investment, by paying the constructor a series of fewer payments as deposits.
  • You perceive a brand-new project. New investments tend to be popular, more promoted and offer improved amenities.
  • This has low maintenance charges. New constructions need less maintenance, which means provides you long term budgeting. Therefore; it doesn’t require restorations at least a decade!

Investing a Pre-Construction Project provides you all benefits that we’ve mentioned above.

Let’s learn what Birchcliff Urban Tower offers and see what happens when you invest in the Birch cliff Urban Towns Project.

How to Win at Investing in Pre-Constructions Birch cliff Urban Towns

Birch cliff Urban Towns project is developed by the Core Development Group. It locates on Kingston Road that is one of the famous Toronto’s streets and is one the important Avenues in the city. The project’s occupancy date is seen November 2020.

How it Works: Birch cliff Urban Towns Investing

Birch cliff Urban Towns gives you all required information from the map of the road to all visuals of the constructions. First, you can go to the sites of the street to reach the map of the street, then:-

  • Download Birch cliff Urban Towns’ Brochures·
  • Click the map to visit All Birch cliff Urban Towns’ road & streets·
  • Examine site plan (1 & 2- & 3-Bedrooms Floorplans)·
  • Look at Amenities

After examining all these things, you only register from websites to benefit the limited pre-opening prices & incentives, then wait for the offerings.

Benefits of Pre-Consruction in Birch cliff Urban Towns Investing

Let’s examine the whole benefits of Birch cliff Urban Towns and see what offer does when you invest in pre-construction:

1. Neighborhood

Birch cliff Urban Towns is located in the Birch Cliff community, so that homeowners can enjoy by living in an excellent hole of the GTA that is close to Lake Ontario and enclosed by stores, cafes, restaurants, areas to play, and especially schools. Birch cliff Urban Towns is only an “8-minute trip” to the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs. You can find here a beach, green area, and marina, it means that it’s the perfect place to relax & enjoy activities with your family or friends. Also, it closes to Starbucks, Toronto Hunt Club, Dance Schools, major banks etc.

2. Transportation

There’re 10 different transportation routes, homeowners of 1665 Kingston Rd. can go around the city with no time.

Tenants who travel by car will make it simple to get their routes into the city. Also, homeowners can benefit from public transportation with Scarborough Town Centre subway station or GO station under a 20-minute trip away. With the help of this short drive away, Scarborough Town Centre can be your favorite place for shopping, dates and parents outings. Therefore, we sure that tenants will look forward to the weekend and maybe weekday trips to fancy searching for important brands like Michael Kors.

3. Amenities

The constructions have unique styles that provide you with a minimalist and the smooth appearance that will encourage to arrange the building aside from the surroundings.

The building height is approximately 14 meters, with 3.5 stories. The project will replace “an existing 2-story semi-detached home & three 2-story single detached houses.”

All architecture works are already done by RAW design. RAW created the whole complex as many of units that seen as a single building that will cover around a central patio with outside facility space within a “U-Form.”

The constructions will accumulate 2 levels on a head of a parking garage. House will be:

  • 1 bedroom + rooms (until 821 m2)
  • 2 bedroom rooms and + rooms  (until 1,456 m2)
  • 3 bedroom + rooms (until 1,644 m2)

Moreover, parking will be available to tenants, with entrance to 53 tenant spaces and 8 guest spaces via the Site’s South, ending off Birchcliff Avenue. Also, Cyclists gives chance to 24 tenants parking spaces, with 6th class guests.

Besides technical information, meet the Birch cliff Urban Towns’ styles:

  • Live with this well-designed complex, modern open concept designs, soaring 9-foot covers, genuine original wood staircases, and handrails.
  • Live with a full plank laminate flooring awards you a silky, smooth backdrop to the rooms.
  • Live with a kitchen will highlight quartz countertops and bars as well as architect chosen kitchenette cabinetry.
  • Live with European influenced bathrooms that star exciting shine and style.

Birch cliff Urban Towns is ideal for everyone. If you have a family, get fancied being by the parks, greens, and valley. Likewise, business specialists enable to work because tenants will have luxury features that retreat you from all stress that comes from a busy city. The construction creates an atmosphere for living with the modern design and closeness to relaxation spaces. Homeowners will also appreciate adding the advantage of calm and peace thanks to its nearby valley and beautiful parks. By registering for pre-construction of the project, you get all of these!