Great Condo has successfully completed a number of residential and commercial projects. It is now busy with its latest project Edge Towers. Edge Towers is a towering structure being built up in a sprawling premise that houses several things that you need in your daily life.


Great Condo takes pride in bringing your dream come true. Architects at Great Condo strive hard and work with passion to plan something that is way different from run of the mills. Edge Towers is a bright example of our effort to blend aesthetics beauty with architectural brilliance in a seamless fashion.

We know that when you plan to buy a house, it is going to be the biggest investment in your life. We make sure that you get value-added return on your investment. Every investment comes with some risks and we ensure to keep it as minimum as possible only for our customers so that they can enjoy a peace of mind until the project is complete and even after that.

Each of our projects is critically acclaimed. These score high on several parameters including quality of materials, durability, choice of location, appearance, facilities, amenities and on-time completion. Edge Towers is no exception in terms of the afore-mentioned specialties. We assure that you will get what you can only see in your wildest dream.

What are specials about Edge Towers?

Edge Towers is a skyrocketing structure nestled in an area that covers several facilities within its boundary. Our objective is to provide you with all kinds of facilities and amenities to make your life easier and more comfortable. Here are what you can expect to enjoy at Edge Towers:

Location: Edge Towers comprises three towers situated in the southwest of Hurontario St & Elm Drive in the beautiful and bubbling city of Mississauga. The site of Edge Towers is strategically chosen to make sure that it is within walking distance from the most important places and must-visit spots in the city. It is nearby the most prestigious college, Sheridan College that itself has a sprawling campus.

If you are an art enthusiast, make a visit to the nearby Living Arts Centre to satisfy your eyes. Even though you always whisk away in your luxury car, sometimes you may love to board a train for a long journey to a far-flung destination. Go Train Station is just a few minutes away. The same goes true for Highways 401, 403, 407 and 410.

Who of you won’t love shopping? We feel all of you are nodding your head at one side to say silently a firm ‘YES’. That is why – only for you – we have chosen a site a few feet away from Square One Shopping Centre. Just drive a few seconds and reach at the shopping mall.

Great Design: Edge Towers exemplifies a harmonious balance between great design and best amenities. The design is unique and excellent, making sure that every condominium will produce a mix of elegance and functionality.

Facilities: The project will have a 3 building community housing more than 1200 condominium residences. The project will encompass convenience of a sprawling retail space, daycare and green space. It means, you can enjoy all that you need without going out of the area, as everything is available right here within the premise.

Durability:, being extremely finical about quality, uses only the superlative materials for Edge Towers. When quality is our top priority, durability is definitely a strong guarantee. Our structure will endure test of time.

Lots of Greeneries: Edge Towers is located in the lap of greeneries. Look around and lots of greeneries will catch your gaze. In our urban landscape, greeneries are quickly vanishing. The fact is very disturbing and warning. has always taken initiative to protect greeneries. Keeping it in mind that trees are our true friends, we ensure that you will receive a warm welcome from them while living in Edge Towers.

Luxury Living: We promise that Edge Towers is going to be the epitome of ‘Luxury Living’ in Mississauga. We know you are new to luxury and that is why, it is our challenge to redefine luxury to give you a lovely surprise. The first phase of the Edge Towers project will comprise 239 units. Once these are complete, you will know what elegance truly means. Once you start living here, you will realize what you have been missing all these days.

Is It Expensive?

Yes, it is. When you are looking for redefined luxury living, the price will not be a scary factor. In fact, we are building the project only for those who dare to dream big and don’t care for price to sink into luxury.

At, we don’t like to make a false claim that Edge Towers is all about luxury living at a pocket-friendly price. We want to assert that what you will get justifies the price tag. We stick to simple yet strict business philosophy – ‘never compromise with quality’. We push all the boundaries to present luxury in the most exclusive, exciting and elegant way in order to ensure that your possession becomes your pride.

Luxury living encircled by excellent surroundings at the heat of the bustling city is the simple catchphrase to define and describe Edge Towers. If you want something unique and outstanding, believe in our engineers’ ability to make it happen for you.

Embrace Edge Towers, Experience True Luxury!

We are a 25-year old real estate developer

Great Condo has celebrated its silver jubilee of being in the real estate industry. With wealth of experience and a series of success since our coming into being, we are confident of offering you what you expect from us. Honestly speaking, our motto is to provide you with nothing less than best.

We have a team of highly talented workforce comprising architect engineers, supervisors and labors who are hard-working and committed. Our architects are never short in innovative ideas and workers are skilled enough to execute the plan. The result? Well, you can see it and you can feel it only if you live in Edge Towers.