Buying Charisma Condos will make you feel that luxury knows no limit!

Charisma Condos is a new condo project developed by Greenpark nestled at Jane and Rutherford, Vaughan. Comfortably seated only a few steps away from the Wonderland and Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, it is definitely going to be one of the most beautiful and exciting projects in the Jane & Rutherford area.

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Who is Developing Charisma Condos?

Charisma Condos is a project undertaken, planned and executed by Great Condos, a renowned developer. We have wealth of experience spanning for 25 years. Great Condos has developed multiple projects with high success and each of these has received appreciation from those residing in those condos. We are confident that Charisma Condos will enjoy the same level of admiration from you who don’t like to compromise with luxury.

As a developer, we are highly concerned about what will keep you in greater peace, comfort and luxury. That is why, we have chosen the right location for our project so that you don’t miss the best features and facilities in and around the city. What is more, we promise to ensure the best amenities within the premise.

Everything that you aspire and imagine is available at Charisma Condos. The condominiums are equipped with the latest facilities that you have always dream to enjoy in your wildest dream. We have always presented luxury in a new package and this time too, you will experience no exception.

Specialties about Charisma Condos

The inevitable question about why you should buy a condominium at Charisma Condos will get an immediate and appropriate answer once you look at the specialties about our latest project. Let us reveal the unique features and facilities that you can enjoy at Charisma Condos.

Excellent Opportunity for Investment

Jane & Rutherford is undergoing development. As a result, it will soon become a good place to live in. As a part of development work, more plazas, schools and transit options will come up to make the area a better community for a peaceful and prosperous living. With every sign everywhere to indicate that the area is flourishing, it will be wise to invest in Charisma Condos.

Favorable Site

Charisma Condos is literally within a stone’s throw distance from upcoming Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, celebrity eateries, a chain of retail stores, beautiful parks and last but not the least, striking Fossil Hill Pond. Want to enjoy the running scenarios while driving away in Highway 400? Well, it is just a few minutes away from Charisma Condo. In a word, the location of Charisma Condo is wisely chosen to ensure that the residents get to explore the exciting landmarks in the happening area of Jane and Rutherford.

Proximity to Schools & Parks

Charisma Condo is within a few miles from many reputed schools and parks in Vaughan, including the followings:

  • Maple High School
  • Maple Creek Public School
  • Julliard Public School
  • St Emily Catholic Elementary School

Endless Options for Memorable Dining Who does not love to enjoy dining out at a renowned restaurant? Once you start living in Charisma Condo, finding the best restaurant in the area will never be an issue. In fact, the strategic location of this towering and sprawling condominium project will allow you to enjoy a fine dine experience with your friends and family at the best restaurant in the locality.

There is a plethora of options to experience the signature and sumptuous dishes in Vaughan. The restaurants nearby Charisma Condo include the followings:

  • Evviva
  • Wild Wing
    • Marcello’s Pizza
  • Mr. Greek Express
  • Truly Thai Cuisine
    • Island Mix Restaurant & Lounge
    • La Taquizza Flavour at its Best
    • Vinnie Zucchini’s Italian Eatery

Wonderful Shopping Experience 

Well-known Vaughan Mills Mall is within walking distance from Charisma Condos. Therefore, the residents can easily roam in the sprawling shopping malls and pick from amazing collections at the 50+ swanky stores. Some of the most famous stores seated in the area are as follows:

  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Eddie Bauer Outlet
  • ALDO Outlet
  • The North Face Outlet
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • UGG Australia
  • HR2

Transit Options 

You will love to hear that over time, transit options in Jane & Rutherford area has undergone massive improvement. Situation is never like before. The residents in Charisma Condos will now travel to Toronto without any inconvenience via a new transportation hub in Vaughan.

Vaughan TTC Subway Station, Vivanext Bus Rapid Transit Station and VMC Inter-Regional Bus Terminal are all in close proximity with Charisma Condos.

Some of the YRT busses daily ply in Jane & Rutherford and the list reads as follows:

  • 20 Teston Bus
    • 85/85C Rutherford Bus
    • 4 Major Mackenzie Bus
  • 20 Jane Bus (Connects to the 35 Jane bus in Toronto)

Excellent Amenities

We don’t love mincing words when it comes to price! Yes, buying luxury at Charisma Condos is within the reach of only the high-heeled people. However, the price will feel justified once you shoot your glance at the list of the amenities available here. The residents here will enjoy multiple benefits such as a convenient pet grooming room, spacious theatre room, WiFi lounge, Bocce courts and billiards/games.

Wait a little; there are more to this list! You will love to soak yourself in a fresh swimming pool, soothing wellness centre, beautiful terrace and rooftop skyview lounge among other striking amenities at Charisma Condos.

In Lap of Greeneries

Rapid urbanization is causing death to greeneries and it is a very alarming sign for human civilization. Keeping in mind what trees give us, we have ensured that you live amidst greeneries. Peep out of windows at your Charisma Condos residence and lush greeneries around will greet you. It will be a natural visual treat for your eyes and you will enjoy it always.

Charisma Condo is an amazing destination for comfortable and luxury living. Charisma Condos is ready to welcome you in its fold; so when will you come here to stay forever?